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When turfing garden lawns, natural turf is the preferred option for many homeowners in Ladywell SE13 and is an excellent choice if you want to transform your garden lawn fast.

What Is Natural Turf?
Rye, fescue, and bluegrass are among the main grasses used to make natural turf, which is cultivated, so it can be harvested at the right time of year. The turf is then rolled up and transported to your property, so it can be laid on your garden lawn.

Importance of Soil
The soil grade and fertility are vital to the success of natural lawn turfing. The soil needs to have a good level of organic material and should be free draining and well-aerated. We’ll assess your existing topsoil carefully so that we can achieve the best possible natural turfing results.

Climate Considerations
When you are deciding on the type of natural turf you would like for your garden lawn, it’s important to consider the climate in your local area. The type of turf you choose will have to withstand different weather conditions, such as frost, heat, rain, and wind.

Choosing The Right Turf for Your Garden Lawn in Ladywell SE13

For many homeowners, the natural appearance of turf provides a more aesthetically pleasing option than artificial materials. Garden lawn turf comes in several varieties.

Ryegrass Laying
Ryegrass laying is a popular choice for many homeowners in Ladywell SE13 as it offers a lush, luxurious-looking lawn. Ryegrass is also tolerant to many environmental conditions and generally easy to care for.

The process of laying a ryegrass lawn is labour-intensive. Our members begin by performing a soil analysis to ensure that the soil conditions are suitable for ryegrass laying. After this is completed, they prepare the soil by levelling the ground for the spreading of a layer of topsoil, on which ryegrass turf will be laid on. A non-chemical weed control fabric may also be laid, depending on the soil analysis previously undertaken, to protect the new lawn from weeds.

To ensure the new lawn gets all the nutrients it needs, in most cases a layer of compost and fertiliser will be applied. Finally, the lawn will need to be kept well-hydrated for the first couple of weeks. It will need to be watered every day for the first few weeks, and then once a week thereafter. Watering your lawn regularly is essential for any lawn to thrive.

Fescue Grass Laying
Fescue grass is one of the best natural turfing options for transforming your garden lawn in Ladywell SE13. It has a deep root system that makes it resilient to everyday use, it is also very low-maintenance. When laying fescue grass, the contractor will make sure the soil is well-drained, with no rocks or excessive organic matter present. Once the Fescue Grass has been laid, it will need to establish for a few weeks before any mowing or watering is done. During this time, it is important to prevent the growth of weeds. The grass should then be watered no more than twice a week. This helps to keep the turf healthy and prevents the surface from drying.

Rolawn Medallion Turf Laying
The Rolawn medallion turf is one of the most popular natural turf laying options available for garden lawns in Ladywell SE13 today. Providing you with a beautiful lawn for many years. The turf consists of a combination of durable, disease-resistant grasses that are combined to create a uniform, low-maintenance lawn. It can also be used to repair an existing one. Rolawn medallion turf is an excellent choice.

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Benefits of Natural Lawn Turfing Services in Ladywell SE13

Natural lawn turfing is uniform and lovely to look at. It gives you a natural-looking lawn that lends itself to a variety of garden designs. It’s also great for sports, barbecue and entertaining areas.

Natural turf is also highly resistant to grass related pests and diseases, making it a more sustainable option for garden lawns in Ladywell SE13. It can also sustain a significant amount of use by both people and pets whilst maintaining its form and healthy green appearance when maintained correctly, and it is more resistant to environmental stress, making it much less prone to damage. With the right preparation and maintenance, natural turf will provide you with a lush green lawn for many years to come.

  • Water Conservation
    Rainfall can be absorbed by natural lawns, which can lessen water loss, saves homeowners’ time watering the grass, and prevents flash flooding.
  • Beneficial to the Environment
    Natural grass can trap airborne particles, creating filtered and purified air. Furthermore, natural lawns function as a self-cleaning surface by growing and breathing, which produces oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. Moreover, when it’s hot outside, natural turf stays cool—up to 30 degrees cooler than hard landscaping surfaces.
  • Stress Reliever
    Freshly cut grass consistently ranks at the top of lists of the greatest odours in the world, so it stands to reason that breathing in the aroma as you mow could comfort and calm you, while also de-stressing you.
    Similarly, green is a calming colour and helps you relax. The amount of endorphins (feel-good hormones) in your body rises as you walk barefoot on grass. Research also demonstrates that strolling barefoot on grass, once again, reduces stress.
  • Adds Worth
    A well-kept lawned and planted garden has a pleasing appeal. Additionally, it increases a property’s value.

With a variety of options available, our members can help you find the right turf based on your requirements, as well as help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space in Ladywell SE13.

Maintaining Your Natural Turf Lawn in Ladywell SE13

Maintaining your natural turf lawn is important to keep it looking its best.

Watering your natural turf lawn is essential to help it look green and healthy all year round. In the hotter months, try to water your lawn deeply, but avoid overwatering.

Mowing your natural turf lawn is key to keeping it healthy. During the growing season, we aim to mow the lawn regularly, keeping it at a height of approximately 5-7 cm. This will help to encourage strong, healthy growth.

Fertilising your natural turf lawn is an important step to maintain the lush and healthy appearance of the grass. Depending on the season, fertilise your lawn with a slow-release, high-nitrogen fertiliser.

Aerating your natural turf lawn is important to help decrease compaction, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots. This can be done with aerating machines, or if preferred, manually with a garden fork.

By following these simple steps, you can help to ensure your natural turf lawn in Ladywell SE13 remains in good condition and looking its best.

All Lawns are Laid using the Highest-Quality, Same Day Freshly Cut Turf

All Lawns are Laid using the Highest-Quality, Same Day Freshly Cut Turf

We would rather see a job go than to have our members compromise on the quality of the build

We would rather see a job go than to have our members compromise on the quality of the build

The Natural Turf Laying Process For Garden Lawns in Ladywell SE13

Our members’ natural turf-laying experts, can provide and fit high-quality lawn turfing for any type of garden in Ladywell SE13. Here’s an overview of how the process works:

Step One: Measurements
When you get in touch, local contractors will contact you to schedule a visit to your home in Ladywell SE13 to assess the garden area. During the visit, they will take measurements and gauge the existing conditions.

Step Two: Preparation of Area
Once accurate measurements have been taken by the contractors, quotations will be emailed to you with breakdowns of the works. Should you decide to hire one of the contractors, a start date will be arranged, whereby they will start to prepare your garden for the natural turf. This includes removing any existing grass and rocks, carefully levelling the soil, and installing any necessary drainage.

Step Three: Laying of Natural Turf
When everything is ready, laying of the new turf lawn for your garden in Ladywell SE13 will begin.

Step Four: Sit Back and Admire Your New Lawn
Once your new garden lawn is laid, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.

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