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Why use to find tradespeople?

We do all the work for you; it’s simple as filling in our interactive form. We locate local, vetted, and insured contractors (up to three) to whom you may want to receive and compare quotes with making the procedure straightforward and cost-effective. We will assist you in finding the ideal tradesperson for the project, so you don’t have to waste time calling around.

Are tradesmen covered by insurance?

Our third parties ensure that all tradespeople are checked for public liability insurance before signing up.

What information is shown to tradespeople?

Only your job description and budget are visible to all tradespeople to whom you are matched (in some cases, only the first part of your postcode). However, if they then ​buy the lead (up to three tradesmen), your full contact information will be available for them to view.

What information do I need to provide?

Your name, contact number, address, email, and job description with an estimated budget are required to post a job and for interested tradespeople to contact you to schedule an appointment.

How can I review tradespeople?

After posting your job, an email will be sent to you with information on how to place your review based on the experience you have had with the tradesperson should you choose to hire them.

What if I decide not to hire your tradespeople?

You are not obligated to do anything regardless of you finding tradespeople through our website. If you have received quotes from tradespeople and decide not to proceed with the project, nothing happens.

Why do you ask for an estimated budget when posting a job?

This gives the tradespeople an indication of the scale of the job. If you are unsure, you can always estimate the costs or budget very roughly, as this does not have to be precise.

Why are my contact details required?

Your contact information is required so that tradespeople interested in contacting you to arrange a quotation can do so. A quote may be given over the phone or by email. For more complex job requirements, an appointment will need to be arranged.

Why has no one contacted me for my job yet?

There is likely no interest in the job you have posted if you haven’t heard from any tradespeople after a few days (three days or more). This may be due to the job description, budget, location or because they are busy.

How long until tradespeople call or email me to arrange for a quote?

This can take anywhere from an hour to several days, depending on the tradespeople’s interest in your job.

How many tradespeople can see my contact information?

Only tradespeople who buy the lead (up to three) can see your full contact details and other information you have given regarding your job post.

How can I find details of tradespeople?

An email will be sent to you with a list of matched tradespeople, along with links to their profiles.

How is my contact information protected?

We have implemented several security measures to ensure that your data is handled safely and kept secure. Our website is secured using SSL (a security protocol that encrypts links between our server and a user’s browser). We also regularly update our website to ensure that our security is constantly up to date.

Do we give guarantees on works undertaken by tradesmen?

No, the quality of tradesmen’s work is not guaranteed by us; this is something that the customers need to discuss directly with the tradesperson/tradespeople as they are independent and in no way work for us. We recommend asking them if they guarantee the works and for how long. To further assist you in making the right decision when it comes to hiring competent tradespeople, click “blog name” to read our full article.

How does work?

You must first post your job, a description of the works you require as well as your contact information. Your job post will then be filtered and shown (only the job description) to tradespeople who best fit your requirements. If a tradesperson wants to provide you with a quotation or arrange for a site visit, the job lead will need to be purchased (up to three tradespeople can buy the job), in which further contact details will be revealed to them.

What happens after I post a job?

Your job will be filtered based on the information you have provided; Tradespeople interested in quoting you can buy the lead (up to three tradespeople). Your contact details will then be revealed for them to contact you regarding your job.

How many tradespeople are expected to contact me for a quote?

Up to three tradespeople can call or email you, although this can be less depending on how many are interested in your job based on location, job description and budget.

How do I post a job?

You can do this by clicking “GET QUOTES”. Choose the trade you’re looking for and fill out the form’s interactive questions. In some cases, an email will be sent to you for confirmation purposes.

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