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Enhance the privacy of your property with new garden fencing

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Are you looking for extra privacy in your garden? Do you want to distinguish between your garden and a neighbour’s or simply what to add fencing around, e.g. a garden seating area or a deck space?

At Want A Trader, our members take pride in their fencing installation and repair craftsmanship and work closely with clients in Warlingham CR6 to ensure a thorough understanding of their requirements.

Here are just some of the Popular Types of Garden Fences Clients Choose to Install

We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners looking for the perfect garden fence. Complement your Warlingham CR6 home with one of the below fences offered by members of Want A Trader.

Close Board/Feathered Edge Fencing
These fences are vertical wooden planks that slightly overlap one another. This gives the fence a softer look than traditional planks installed next to each other. Each panel attaches to horizontal panels at the back. These panels make it easier to reinforce or replace sections of the fence over time.

Horizontal Fencing
This type of fencing runs horizontally across the fenced area. It can make a property look bigger and usually comes in at a cheaper cost. The connecting posts are about two meters apart. They prevent the planks from drooping in the middle after years of weathering.

Red Cedar Fencing
Western Red Cedar is a strong and durable wood most often used for fencing. This type of wood contains natural tannin oils. This makes the wood withstand weathering, rotting, shrinking, decaying and termite damage.

Concrete Fencing
The concrete panels that form concrete fencing are manufactured off-site. Homeowners have the choice of finish on these panels. It can include a stone finish or architectural detail. These fences are relatively easy to install lasting for 50 years and more.

Wooden Post Fencing
Wooden post fencing is often the preferred type of fencing compared to wire and concrete fencing. It creates clear property boundaries without obstructing any views.

Trellis Fencing
Trellis are a great way to increase the height of an existing boundary wall. It is also used as decoration in the garden. These fences can be made from either wood or metal. They also serve as walls for creeper plants.

Picket Fencing
These fences are most commonly used to distinguish between residential areas and pavements. Vertical wooden boards connected by horizontal panels create these fences. In some cases, the tops add a decorative feature.

Garden Fencing Company Warlingham CR6
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Garden Fencing Warlingham CR6

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Benefits of Garden Fencing in London

Enjoy the range of benefits that fencing can give your home and garden space in Warlingham CR6. Fences can:

  • Divide large garden areas to create entertainment spaces, pathways and boundaries
  • Add privacy from neighbours and pedestrians
  • Create flower beds
  • Protect smaller plants from the wind
  • Keep pets in and animals away from edible plants and herbs
  • Reduce the amount of direct sunlight on plants
  • Add another level of security to your home
  • Prevent weeds from growing
  • Add a decorative feature

Whichever reason you chose to add fences to your garden, you’ve come to the right place.

All Fences are Installed Using the Highest-Quality Materials

All Fences are Installed Using the Highest-Quality Materials

We would rather see a job go than to have our members compromise on the quality of the build

We would rather see a job go than to have our members compromise on the quality of the build

How to get Your Garden Fenced in Warlingham CR6

Step 1: Contact Us
The first step is to reach out to us using the various contact methods provided on our website. You’ll have an opportunity to tell us more about your fencing requirements and to ask any questions about the service. Our members pride themselves on delivering only the best service and workmanship. That’s why when you contact us, we’ll ask you a few questions as well. This ensures we understand your brief 100%, this information will then be forwarded / shared with our carefully selected members.

Step 2: Measurements and Surveyance
If you have a small garden area which needs fencing, you’re welcome to send over photos and measurements to our members via the form of contact they provide you with. For bigger installations, site visits to your property may be required in which they’ll take measurements, discuss fencing options, and work with you to get as much information as possible about your specifications.

Step 3: Get a Quote
Once all the information is gathered to install or repair your fence / fencing, a quote will be sent to you. Our members are fully transparent with clients. Your quote will be itemised with products, removals, labour costs, and materials needed for the installation or repair process. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss the quote and ask any questions, so you can make a confident decision.

Step 4: Start of Installation or Repair
If you’re happy with a quote, a start date for the installation or repair will be agreed upon. This date will depend on the availability of materials, as well as on other job bookings the fencing contractor may have. All aspects will be taken into consideration, so you can plan ahead and prepare your home and space for the installation.

Installation or repair work will be classified as finished by our members only when you’re fully satisfied with your new garden fencing. You will be kept updated about any unforeseen conditions, manufacturing delays, and weather that may interrupt the installation. Once you’re happy with the job done, the fencing contractor will clear the installation site, and you’re all set to enjoy the new space!

Fencing Services in Warlingham CR6 and the surrounding areas

  • Garden Fencing Design and Installation
  • Close Board / Feather Edge Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Red Cedar Fencing
  • Lapped Fencing
  • Picket Fencing
  • Concrete Fencing
  • Willow Hurdle Fencing
  • Chain Link fencing
  • Trellis Installation
  • Bamboo Screen Installation
  • Garden Fencing Lighting Design and Installation

Quality Fence Repairs

Our members don’t just install fences, they also repair damaged fences in gardens across Warlingham CR6. Repair services include:

  • Emergency repairs to fences
  • Replacing weather-damaged, old, or rotten fence sections
  • Repairing or replacing trellis panels
  • Gate repairs
  • Sanding, varnishing and repainting wooden fences of all kinds

Does your fence need replacing, or are you thinking of painting your current fence a different colour? Want A Trader is your source for finding trusted fence installation and repair contractors in Warlingham CR6.

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There are so many benefits and options when it comes to having fences installed. You’ll create new spaces to entertain, grow plants, increase your home’s privacy, and more! Do you find yourself unsure when it comes to deciding which fence option is best for you? Or do you know exactly what you want? We can help you find garden fencing installers. Reach out to us today to request a free quote!

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